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The purpose of this website is to preserve Speedex Tractor History through the completion of the first Speedex Tractor History Book.

In 1935, Herold E. Pond, began his tractor manufacturing business under the Pond Garden Tractor Co., makers of both two and four-wheel type Speedex Garden Tractors. With the invention of his Speedex Model B, Pond pioneered the garden tractor industry with the FIRST four-wheel garden tractor in America, thus setting up the precedent for which all later manufacturers followed.

Although he sold his company 22 years after it began, the name and reputation of Speedex Garden Tractors continued for decades as the company changed hands several times. It was under different ownership that Speedex yet again permanently set two other firsts in American garden tractor history. One being the invention of the first free floating belly mower and the other being the first diesel powered garden tractor. Today, Speedex Tractors are highly sought after by collectors across the United States.

Personally, as an avid Speedex Tractor enthusiast, my research over the past 15 years has focused upon primary and secondary historical source information. The primary sources stand for any piece of literature (pictures, catalogs, brochures, ads, etc.) that came directly from the Pond Garden Tractor Co., and later from the Speedex Garden Tractor Co. Secondary sources represent all information gained from Speedex Tractor dealers.

Now, I am excited to invite you to contribute!

I am looking for: ALL YEARS – ALL MODELS:

Personal or family stories, pictures, and Speedex literature from those who grew up with Speedex Tractors and those whose loved one was a Speedex Tractor dealer; as well as anyone who worked in the Ravenna, Ohio factory.

Collectors and owners, I invite you to share not only your stories, but your knowledge gained from years of collecting; any literature you have obtained, as well as pictures of your Speedex Tractors—both walk behind and riding models.

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